Architectural Lighting Controls

Every building constructed today must include some level of lighting controls.  Federal, State and local electrical energy codes dictate buildings must include lighting controls to conserve energy.  Architectural lighting controls will not only enhance the look and feel of your building, but it can significantly reduce energy consumption by either off or dimming loads when not in use.

AES Lighting Group is proud to represent the following Architectural Lighting Control manufacturers.


Visit the manufacturer sites below to find the solution for your application. Contact us to get started on setting up your architectural control system.


Cooper Lighting Solutions  
Fifth Light
Greengate Panels and Sensors
iLumin Plus


Digital Systems 
Extend Lighting Controls
Edge Lighting Controls


Electronic Theater Controls (ETC)
Electronic Theater Controls (NE only)


Intelligent Lighting Controls
Intelligent Lighting Controls 


Touché Lighting Controls
Touché Lighting Controls


Steinel Professional Lighting Controls
Steinel Lighting Controls

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