Wireless Lighting Controls

Today’s rapidly changing lighting control environments now includes a departure from the traditional Wired systems. Whether you’re interested in a low-cost, labor-saving, simple to program, and easy to maintain system or a sophisticated, feature-rich system with world-class user visual interface graphics for demanding buildings, AES Lighting Group has you covered for wireless controls.  Reduce labor and material costs significantly when utilizing wireless technology to control your lighting.


AES Lighting Group is proud to represent the following Wireless Lighting Control manufacturers. 

wireless controls

Visit the manufacturer sites below to find the solution for your application. Contact us to get started on setting up your wireless control system.


Cooper Lighting Solutions
Wavelinx Connect Lighting Systems
WaveLinx Lite Lighting Controls Wavelinx Lite Controls


Digital Systems encelium
Extend Lighting Controls


Electronic Theater Controls (ETC)
Electronic Theater Controls (NE only)


Emergi-Lite Emergency Monitoring Systems
Emergency Monitoring Systems


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