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Take Advantage Of Valuable Incentives To Get More For Less!

AES Lighting Group can help you identify lighting and control products that will qualify for your local utilities rebate and incentive programs to ensure the maximum rebates available for your project. Let AES help you with the energy calculations and forms required for submittal to claim your rebate.

Our online tools include-

  • Interactive utility incentive maps to help you locate available rebate programs.
  • DLC and Energy Star listings to identify qualifying products.
  • Comprehensive energy payback and proposal tools.
  • E-PACT tax incentive calculator.


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Find local utility rebates and incentives by state to help reduce your lighting retrofit and new application costs. 


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Check here for all DLC listed products by category and application.  Many rebate programs require a DLC listing.



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Energy Star products are listed here for residential and commercial lighting applications.  Find products that qualify for rebate incentive programs.




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