Theatrical Lighting Controls

It’s been a long time since the first stage spotlight was invented. To control the output of this fixture a mechanical shutter or barn door was used to control this light. Today’s world of theatrical lighting is exploding with possibilities. Nowadays, not only is static white light available, but colors beyond anyone’s imagination are being used on stages around the world to create different moods, feelings, and drama.  With the multiple choices available, robust and easy-to-use control systems are essential. 

AES is pleased to represent world-class manufacturers in the theatrical industry.

Visit the manufacturer sites below to find the solution for your application. Contact us to get started on setting up your theatrical control system.


Electronic Theater Controls (ETC) 
Paradigm Facility Wide Lighting Control (NE only)
Mosaic Control for Dramatic Event (NE only)
Echo Energy Efficient, Wired Controls (NE only)
Foundry DMX Distribute Power Control (NE only)


Local ETC Dealers
Heartland Scenic Studios
TMS Production Integration


Cooper Lighting Solutions 
WaveLinx Lighting Controls Wavelinx Wired


Acclaim Lighting Systems 
Acclaim Lighting Solutions

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