Sports Lighting Solutions

Lighting in sports stadiums contributes to the overall experience of the event. AES Lighting Group has spent over 50 years working with manufacturers in the lighting industry to provide expert service to our customers and our sports lighting solutions are no exception.

We offer a large selection of high quality LED lights and light replacements for stadiums, arenas, and fields. LED stadium lights have become the new standard for outdoor and indoor sports lighting. Our lighting control systems are energy efficient to save you money while still providing enough light to effectively Illuminate fields, courts, and other aspects of a stadium such as concession areas, spectator seating, parking and walkway areas.

We have lighting solutions for several different sports including football, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis, track and field, and lacrosse. Our LED lights can be applied to any sports project necessary, such as professional and major league sports stadiums, intercollegiate and NCAA sports, semi-professional play, intramural and recreational sports complexes as well as practice fields and stadiums. No matter the level of the sport or the sport itself, AES Lighting Group provides lighting that captivates the action of the athletes and provides an exciting atmosphere for the crowd.

AES Lighting Group’s sports lighting solutions will reduce operating costs due to energy-efficient LED lights. It will strengthen safety, comfort, and experience for fans, athletes and employees alike and provide a professional-grade experience no matter the venue.

For a full list of manufacturers that AES Lighting Group represents, view our line card here.

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