Our Process

At AES Lighting, the foundation of a successful project is communication. Our expert team understands that each lighting project has its own goals, targets, and challenges.

Every project is completed using a custom four-phase process. This enables us to grasp your business objectives better and, as a result, fine-tune your lighting solution.


AES Lighting isn’t here to sell you lighting fixtures. During the initial lighting system discussion, we ask detailed questions that help us determine the issues you’re facing and how to overcome them effectively and affordably. This typically occurs over phone, email, or video at a time that best suits your schedule. 

Partnerships with the world’s foremost lighting manufacturers and broad lighting knowledge enable us to provide architecture, engineering, and construction professionals in Nebraska and Iowa with timely, cost-effective lighting solutions. We take pride in giving you the information needed to make informed, educated decisions about your facility’s lighting. 


After the preliminary meeting, we collaborate with your architect or facility management team to pinpoint your project’s optimal lighting system. Whether your structure is conceptual or already built, our experts are here to help. 

AES Lighting team members can perform a detailed on-site evaluation of your existing lighting system and the structure itself. The condition of current circuitry and fixtures as well as light level measurements are recorded. During this phase, innovative structural mapping and lighting technology is utilized to document the following information:

  • Usable area
  • Obstructions
  • Reflecting surfaces
  • Color rendering
  • Fixture type
  • Fixture quantity
  • System wattage
  • Estimated hours of operation
  • Control systems 
  • Installation or maintenance challenges

Following the on-site evaluation, AES Lighting works side-by-side with your architect, engineer, or facility management professionals to develop the most effective lighting solution for your facility. We work tirelessly with your team to meet goals and objectives, delivering the requested amount of light while maximizing energy savings and credits or incentives to make the project as affordable as possible. 


After the on-site audit and new system design performed in partnership with your engineering, architectural, or construction professionals, AES Lighting presents a detailed quotation. Client satisfaction is paramount, and we want you to fully understand the work scope and have peace of mind that no surprises are around the corner. 


When you’ve decided upon a lighting system, AES Lighting works closely with your contractor of choice for installation. We provide an accurate budget for a new lighting or control system and support you afterward with industry-leading customer service. If any issues arise, give us a call. 

For those who know what lighting system they want but don’t have professionals in place to install it, AES Lighting is here to help. As a top lighting manufacturer representative, we’ve developed relationships with leading Nebraska and Iowa electrical contractors. Our team is happy to recommend these lighting professionals to clients. 

Display your project in the best light 

Optimize the lighting of your commercial, spiritual, event, or industrial space in Nebraska and Iowa with AES Lighting. For us, improving the quality of light in client spaces is a passion. 

We’ll take care of all lighting-related tasks for you without disrupting your day-to-day operations. You’ll be free to focus on running your business.

Give us a call to learn more about our process. 

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