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Located along the mighty Missouri River, Omaha was once an essential stop for those continuing to the coast. Today, this bustling city is home to prosperous small businesses, growing companies, leading educational centers, and a thriving entertainment scene. 

Improve the lighting in your Omaha home, business, event, or public space with assistance from AES Lighting. We’re a leading lighting solutions provider specializing in the design of custom lighting systems. 

Importance of lighting in Omaha 

Whether your space is used for industrial, office, or entertainment purposes, proper lighting makes everything more enjoyable. It can curb eye fatigue and headaches, prevent workplace incidents by increasing visibility, and set the mood by accenting structural features. 

Building managers have the potential to add value while reducing costs with high-performance lighting. It’s no surprise that people prefer well-lighted spaces.

Omaha lighting consultants

AES Lighting is a supplier of lighting systems manufactured by the world’s leading architectural, commercial, and residential lighting companies. If you’re looking for innovative lighting and control solutions in Omaha, you’ve come to the right place. Products we offer include:  

  • Indoor lighting 
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Lighting controls 
  • Sports lighting

Additionally, our expert team can take your existing lighting system to new performance levels or create an entirely new one. We offer in-depth auditing and consultation services designed to fine-tune your lighting situation. 

Your space, better light 

AES Lighting is the one-stop, turnkey solution for all of your Omaha interior and exterior lighting needs. When enlisting us, you get unmatched expertise and access to innovative lighting technologies.

As Omaha lighting agents, we can optimize the lighting of just about any space. Typical situations that our team often focuses on include:  

Make your Omaha space more cost-effective, productive, and energy-efficient with a turnkey lighting upgrade from AES Lighting. The transition to a better lighting system is simple, affordable, and hassle-free. 

Contact us for more information about our Omaha lighting solutions. 

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