Lighting Controls

Optimize energy savings on your projects with any of the lighting control options shown below.


Architectural Systems

AES Architectural Aero


Cost-Effective, intelligent room controls

Learn more about Aero here


AES Architectural ECHO


Sophisticated yet uncomplicated control

Learn more about Echo here


AES Architectural Paradigm


Dramatic lighting, dramatic efficiencies

Learn more about Paradigm here


AES Architectural Mosaic


Go beyond basic and create a memorable work of art

Learn more about Mosaic here


AES Consoles EOS


The intersection of art and technology

Learn more about EOS here


AES Consoles Cobalt


Turn your thoughts into light

Learn more about Cobalt here


AES Consoles Smart

Smart Family

Little consoles with big-console attitude

Learn more about Smart Family here

Daylighting Controls

Integrating daylighting technologies with high-efficiency lighting control systems will not only save money, but can also help compliance with energy codes, create more productive and comfortable learning and working environments, more leasable and saleable properties, and lower maintenance.

Learn more about Daylighting Controls here

Light Relay and Metering Panels

Greengate lighting control panels offer stand-alone, centralized, and distributed solutions to control lighting levels in any project type. Control schemes can incorporate any combination of sensor-based, automatic, manual or scheduled inputs to meet the most complex functional requirements. The energy saving capabilities of these cost-effective panels allow design teams to attain code compliance effectively.

Learn more about Light Relay and Metering Panels here

Addressable Lighting Controls

Conserve energy, reduce operating cost, and improve lighting quality with the Fifth Light addressable lighting controls system.

  • Ensure two-way communication and control with each lighting fixture of any load type, sensor, or control device in the building.
  • Control a floor, building, or campus of buildings from any web accessible device with up to 2500 simultaneous users.
  • Maximize building performance with control of every device, report and alarms of energy and maintenance data and direct integration with any building system.

Learn more about Addressable Lighting Controls here

Architectural Dimming and Switching Lighting Controls

iLumin architectural lighting controls offer highly intuitive user interfaces, source controllers that include the most standard features, and a streamlined specification process for hospitality, commercial, educational, and entertainment projects around the world.

Learn more about Architectural Dimming and Switching Lighting Controls here

LumaWatt Outdoor Wireless Control and Monitoring

The LumaWatt system is best described as a peer to peer wireless network of luminaire integral sensors that operate in accordance to programmable profiles. The end user can create and manage sensor profiles with browser based management software and broadcast to sensors as necessary, via wireless gateways. Each sensor is capable of motion and photo sensing, metering power consumption and wireless communication.

Learn more about LumaWatt Outdoor Wireless Control and Monitoring here

Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors

Greengate offers a variety of occupancy and vacancy sensors to best meet the needs of any project. If the project requires a stand-alone solution for a small space, or a networked solution for whole building control, sensors provide the minor motion detection to ensure efficiency is maximized. Greengate sensors automatically adjust to the building environment, eliminating the needs for constant re-calibration and reducing overall maintenance costs.

Learn more about Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors here

Patient Room Controls

Cooper Controls Patient Control System gives the patients control of lights and shades, provides hospital staff with centralized control, and ensures more energy efficiency - all in one box.

Learn more about Patient Room Controls here

Room Controller System

Cooper Controls is Re-Inventing the Room with the first lighting control room based system that guarantees design simplification, ensures code compliance, provides single box Click & Go installation and is the most cost effective.

Learn more about Room Controller System here

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