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A commercial lighting audit is a study and measurement of your building or project’s current lighting energy usage. A member of AES Lighting Group’s team will come to your site, measure the current energy usage and talk with managers and supervisors to determine areas that are in need of lighting improvement. From that analysis, the auditor will develop a plan to reduce lighting energy costs as well as maintenance costs.

Why Choose Us?

The AES Lighting Group approach to lighting audits is simple: we want to save you money. We have over 10 years of experience providing high-quality lighting audits and consultations. We know how lighting affects people at work, home, and school and are committed to listening to your needs and providing you with options that are tailored to them.

Our team can adapt to the rapid evolution of lighting technology and can make sure that your lighting systems are up to date with the newest integrated lighting and controls that reduce energy usage and increase sustainability. Our thorough analysis identifies the correct type and size of fixtures, fixture conditions, area dimensions, room analysis and much more. Whether your goal is to use the visual impact of light to strengthen your brand experience or lower carbon emissions and reduce your energy costs, we help you think about lighting strategically.

Importance of Accuracy in Lighting Audits

The accuracy of a lighting audit is of utmost importance. There are common mistakes that AES Lighting Group has identified to ensure that your audit is the highest quality in the industry.

  • Inaccurate lighting counts – Inaccurate lighting counts skew the order for equipment and can even alter the expected savings of the potential lighting redesign. Our auditors make sure that lighting counts are 100% accurate to give you the right information.
  • Missed areas in projects – Our auditors want to provide the exact service you are looking for. We avoid missing rooms, sections or even buildings of a project, which can affect the amount of savings and can delay the project.
  • Inefficient/Unprofessional auditors – AES trains our auditors to ask the right questions to make sure that you get exactly what you need.

commercial lighting audits iowaLighting technology is changing rapidly. Updating outdated lighting systems with new integrated lighting and controls can reduce your energy and maintenance costs and increase sustainability.


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Our Energy Audit Process

Our energy consultants utilize a four-step process to collect information, assess financial considerations, provide recommendations and assure proper implementation so you receive a well founded plan with a minimum of risk.


Review floor plans and ceiling plans, verify dimensions and characteristics of the site, building and interior spaces. 


Determine use and occupancy of each space. Interview stakeholders about their individual and corporate lighting needs and issues.


Existing fixture listing by space. Current number and type of lamps, ballasts and controls. Light level measurements and light fixture condition.


Get copies of the current energy bills including demand and other charges. Verify local rebates and other incentives available. Determine sources of financing and available finance options.

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AES Lighting Group will take this information and generate an integrated solutions audit report and recommendation specific to your building and site. We can provide a Quick-Audit report that gives you an overview of how you can save operational dollars all the way to a highly detailed, value specific audit that compares various systems with supporting facts, figures and documentation that defines the benefits provided. Complete ROI analysis helps to keep any hesitation at a minimum.

To assure your new integrated lighting solution runs smoothly AES can help with the purchase and installation of your new system.

  • Assist in preparation of bidding documents
  • Coordinate the installation
  • Lighting Controls start-up and commissioning
  • Help prepare applications for financial incentives from local utilities and government agencies

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