Industrial Lighting Controls

At the heart of every economy is an industrial and manufacturing backbone providing goods and/or services to its consumers.  Many of these environments make it difficult to maintain and control not only lighting, but equipment as well. The footprint of the warehouse or building may be so large, maintenance can be overwhelming.  Utilizing wireless lighting controls in these buildings can help effectively manage not only lighting, but equipment as well.  Why not use the infrastructure of the wireless lighting system to help monitor vibration in a motor, flow rates of pumps, air quality both inside and out? This list has many applications on what can be monitored with our wireless systems.

AES is proud to represent the following Industrial/Manufacturing/Process lighting control manufacturers.


Visit the manufacturer sites below to find the solution for your application. Contact us to get started on setting up your industrial control system.


Cooper Lighting Solutions 
WaveLinx Lighting Controls Wavelinx Wired

Digital Systems
 encelium      Encelium Lighting Controls


Digital Lumens Lighting Controls (NE only) 


Emergi-Lite Emergency Monitoring Systems
Emergency Monitoring Systems 


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