Hospital Lighting Systems & Controls

hospital lightingLighting for healthcare environments is an important part of any facility. It must be able to accurately perform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in addition to meeting strict local, state and national standards. Durability and sustainability is only one piece of the equation. That is why AES Lighting Group is committed to representing and providing the absolute best in hospital LED lighting and lighting control.

Hospitals are constantly changing. All across the world, hospitals are looking for more modern, attractive, and comfortable lighting for a clean and inviting look. Hospital LED lighting shouldn’t just be practical, but also aesthetically pleasing and comforting for patients, doctors, nurses, and other support staff.

Lights should create different moods for a multitude of different purposes, including but not limited to, 

  • Reading
  • Tasks
  • Examination

AES can provide all of these types of lighting, including cove, indirect lighting or lighting that creates a more inviting environment.

Hospital Lighting Controls

One area where AES Lighting can add a lot of functionality and cost-savings to healthcare facilities is with lighting control systems. Patients and hospital staff are always navigating in different areas in a facility. Every area requires a level of light, and the level is determined is based on what task is being done. We represent the best manufacturers of lighting control. When required or needed, AES Lighting Group can provide great solutions for occupancy sensing, time scheduling, daylight harvesting, task tuning, staff or patient control as well as many other control needs commonly needed in the healthcare industry.

Providing these lighting control solutions in any application will provide energy savings, the proper light level for the task being accomplished, and a warm, soothing environment.

Hospital Lighting Manufacturers

The manufacturers we represent have lighting and lighting controls solutions that have been developed, tested and recognized as some of the best solutions for the healthcare industry. 

These are just some of the manufacturers that we work with:

  • Cooper Lighting Solutions
  • Osram Sylvania’s Encelium Lighting Controls
  • New Star Lighting
  • Visa Lighting
  • Everbrite Lighting
  • Waldmann Lighting

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