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AES Lighting Group’s Energy Solutions team will provide a lighting solution using products that deliver the best performance while lowering operating and maintenance costs and protecting the environment.

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New energy codes coupled with economic incentives make lighting one of the most profitable investments in energy-saving building design and retrofits. Energy efficient lighting projects generate an average 49% return on investment!

AES can help you with a lighting system renovation in all applications:

  • Industrial - warehouses, manufacturing, storage
  • Commercial - office spaces, parking lots, parking garages
  • Schools - classrooms, multi-purpose areas, gymnasiums, auditoriums
  • Healthcare - patient rooms, surgical suites, clinics, lobbies
  • Hospitality - hotels, conference facilities, convention centers, lounges

Our team includes sales, audit, application design and customer support experts. You can rely on our lighting expertise and industry knowledge to ensure the success of your next project. Contact us now to get started on an innovative energy solution for your facility!

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