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As Iowa’s oldest city, Dubuque is overflowing with things to do. It has many significant buildings, thriving small and large businesses, high-caliber schools, and staddles the beautiful Mississippi River.

Better illuminate your home, commercial, event, or public space in this historic city with AES Lighting. We’re a leading lighting solutions provider specializing in the supply and design of custom lighting systems for entities in the greater Dubuque region.

Importance of lighting in Dubuque

Dubuque’s location along the Mississippi River has attracted various event halls, businesses, and manufacturing centers. Filling these spaces with superior lighting provides a lot of value, such as: 

  • A safer environment 
  • Better productivity
  • A higher quality of work
  • More creativity 
  • Decreases liabilities and risks 

As a cultural center with numerous historic sites, museums, and parks, Dubuque draws many visitors. Property owners, designers, builders, and managers can make them feel welcome while reducing costs with high-quality lighting.

Dubuque lighting consultants

AES Lighting is a supplier of lighting systems manufactured by the world’s leading architectural, commercial, and residential lighting companies. If you’re looking for innovative lighting and control solutions in Dubuque, you’ve come to the right place. Products we offer include:  

Furthermore, our expert team can take your existing lighting system to new performance levels or create an entirely new one. We offer in-depth auditing and consultation services designed to fine-tune your lighting situation. 

Founded in 1833, Dubuque has a plethora of older or historic structures. Typically, buildings designed years or decades ago to have subpar lighting systems. Get the most value from your space by having AES Lighting revamp its lighting to suit your current needs or the area’s regulatory standards. 

Your space, better light 

AES Lighting is the source for all of your Dubuque interior and exterior lighting needs. When partnering with us, you get unrivaled expertise and access to pioneering lighting technologies.

We’re Dubuque lighting agents with a passion for showing off your space in the best light. Our areas of expertise include:  

  • Ultraviolet lighting, or UV lighting
  • Sports lighting 
  • Smart cities
  • Hospital lighting 
  • Commercial lighting controls 
  • School lighting 
  • Architectural lighting
  • Church lighting
  • Theater lighting

Brighten up your Dubuque space with AES Lighting. We can improve your existing installation or design a new system from the ground up quickly and affordably. 

Give us a call to learn more about our Dubuque lighting services.  

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