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Church Architectural Lighting

Lead your flock out of the dark with innovative church lighting solutions from AES Lighting. In a church, temple or other place worship, it is important to have the appropriate lighting to set the tone for services, and other events that may take place in those venues. It’s not uncommon for churches to be inadequately lit due to their high ceilings and large open spaces. Unique architectural features of a sanctuary’s construction can make illuminating the space a daunting challenge. Light distribution and height, fixture shape, and mounting selection coupled with obstructions including arches and buttresses can impact available light. It’s important to note that church lighting is an art. The layout – including the height and distribution of the lights as well as the type of lighting and lighting mounts – are essential in properly completing each church as artfully as possible. We will help you create the ideal church lighting system that is energy efficient and makes your space light up like never before.

Church Lighting Efficiency & Customization

AES Lighting offers energy efficient lighting and advanced control solutions that will fill your worship space with the proper amount of light while reducing long-term expenses. Replacing outdated lighting systems with new, modern LED lighting can curb energy and maintenance costs while increasing sustainability. 

Our four-step process of collecting information, assessing financial considerations, providing recommendations and directing proper implementation ensures customers receive an accurate plan with minimized risks. AES Lighting consultants can review floor and ceiling plans, confirm space dimensions and determine lighting needs, especially for the church stage. They also search for local rebates and other available incentives. The consultants then use this information to generate an integrated solutions audit report and offer personalized recommendations for your building and site.

We understand that selecting the right lighting for a place of worship is one of the most important decisions. Churches are used for worship services, small concerts, weddings, funerals, and other gatherings. As with any project, lighting should complement the building as well as provide a sufficient amount of light. We will help to create a lighting program to ensure that your church is effectively lit to create a memorable atmosphere for all attendees.

LED lights, not LED replacement lamps, are available in our church light fixture offering. These lights will save energy, require less maintenance and with a lighting control system will provide the flexibility and variability necessary to improve or greatly enhance the event’s atmosphere within the space being used. Our church lighting systems include dimmable LED modules to give more control over the entire lit area.

Traditional vs Modern Church Lighting

From outdated light sources to ineffective lamp placement, AES Lighting understands the distinctive lighting challenges facing today’s worship centers. In response, we have developed flexible, cost-effective solutions to better illuminate your sanctuary. If your concern is to keep the traditional look, we can also restore and retrofit the existing light fixtures with LED replacement lamps. 

We have represented leading lighting manufacturers in the architectural, and commercial environments, including premier manufacturers of dimming, theatrical and energy management lighting control systems since 1965.

For a full list of manufacturers that AES Lighting Group represents, view our line card here.

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