Architectural Lighting

Add sophistication and function to your indoor or outdoor space with pioneering architectural lighting solutions from AES Lighting.

Architectural lighting is a movement in which functional lighting is designed to blend seamlessly within any space, such as providing focused downlight or accenting certain areas of a room. Often thought of as a practical type of lighting, these recessed, track and surface type light fixtures add a personalized touch or complement specific characteristics of a building’s design.

Optimize your lighting options with a detailed audit from AES Lighting. We research and submit lighting and control solutions that will bring decorative character and unique style to your space while reducing long-term expenses. Replacing outdated lighting systems with new, modern LED lights can curb energy, maintenance costs and increase sustainability while giving more lighting control flexibility.

AES Lighting’s four-step process of collecting information, assessing financial considerations, providing recommendations and directing proper implementation ensures customers receive an accurate plan with minimized risks. AES Lighting consultants can review floor and ceiling plans, confirm space dimensions and determine lighting needs. They also search for local rebates and other available incentives. The consultants then use this information to generate an integrated solutions audit report and offer personalized recommendations for your building and site.

We strive to provide the highest levels of service and quality to every customer. AES Lighting has represented leading lighting manufacturers in the architectural, commercial and residential industries, including premier manufacturers of dimming, theatrical and energy management lighting control systems since 1965.

Make a statement with your building or site using functional lighting from the architectural lighting experts at AES Lighting. View our Line Card today!

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